Garage Door Slide Lock

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Install Lock for Garage Door

Slide Lock Installation

Improve your home garage security - The garage door can be a vulnerable point in your home security. Garage doors can be easy to open from the outside with just simple tools. Adding a manual slide lock to your garage door can make it difficult, if not impossible, to open your garage door from the outside. Call Locksmith Near Me now for immediate lock installation.

garage door lock installation
Installation of a garage door slide lock

Types of Locks for Garage Doors

There are a few different types of locks for your garage door. There are remote door locks, garage door handles with locks and deadbolt locks. But a very simple and effective lock is the slide lock. There are a different different variations of slide locks but they all work on the same premise. The lock is attached to the door and a bolt slides out and through your garage door track. Some types of slide locks have a handle with cables that attach to the sliding bolt that enables you to open the lock by turning a handle from wither inside or outside of the garage. A simpler version of the slide lock is one that attached to the door and the bolt is just manually slid into the track. This type of lock can only be opened from inside the garage.  For extra security when away from the home you can also add a padlock to the slide bolt so that the garage can't even be opened from the inside without tools or a key.

How to install a garage door slide lock
Video showing how to install a garage door slide lock

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